The early 2010s really were a goldmine for gaming. From brand new IPs like Dark Souls, Dishonored, and Alan Wake… to cream-of-the-crop sequels, i.e. Mass Effect 2, Borderlands 2 and Portal 2; it was just one heavy hitter after another. 2011 in particular gave rise to a gem, one we’d argue should’ve won GOTY 2011. That’s Eidos Montreal’s Deus Ex: Human Revolution (further abbreviated as DE:HR). It didn’t just revive the Deus Ex IP that was dormant since 2003’s Invisible War, but even managed to rekindle what made the franchise so appealing. This point in time marks a whole DECADE since it first launched for the PC, PS3 & Xbox 360 and we take a look at one of the best games of the last decade.

Source: N4G PC Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Celebrating A Decade of Immersion