IGN: “In the letter that accompanied my preview version of Deathloop, the first thing game director Dinga Bakaba wrote was, Deathloop is a strange game. While I wouldnt disagree with him Deathloop is, delightfully, anything but your average first-person shooter Id also say, with compliments, that it is the most Arkane-y game yet. If youre familiar with the studios work over the past decade, highlighted by Dishonored and Prey, then youre going to feel very comfortable with Deathloop. That said, the pseudo-1960s vibe and intentional mystery behind the island of Blackreef that youre stuck in a time loop on makes Deathloop a wholly unique experience. Ive played the first six or so hours of it, and Im only just getting started.”

Source: N4G PC Deathloop: The Final Preview – IGN