From GameWatcher: “New World faces a significant challenge vying for a spot in a genre thats proven notoriously hard to conquer. As the newest face around the block, Amazon Games first MMO banks on enough familiarity to easily accommodate existing genre fans, while seeking to carve its own place through a mixture of PvP and PvE modes, departing from tab-targeting combat, and focusing on freedom of choice.

One clear takeaway from our time with New Worlds closed beta, its that it definitely does a great job of making you want to explore the island of Aeternum while easing you into most of the things you can do there. After surviving a shipwreck and a short but clear tutorial fight against a nasty-looking undead sailor, we were met with the first of many gorgeous vistas.”

Source: N4G PC New World Hands-On Preview – An MMORPG That Puts Freedom Front and Center – GameWatcher