IGN : Back 4 Blood, the four-player coop survival zombie shooter from Turtle Rock Studios the team that brought you the original Left 4 Dead will open its doors back up to players beginning with an early access open beta that runs from August 5-9 for anyone who’s pre-ordered, with a fully open beta to follow from August 12-16. To kick off our month-long IGN First for Back 4 Blood, I was able to visit Turtle Rock for a sneak peak at what they have in store for us with regards to both PVE and PVP. And while I was regularly grabbed, puked on, smashed, set on fire, and covered in sticky debilitating phlegm, the one thing that was on my mind as I left the studio was Man… do I want to play some more.

Source: N4G PC Back 4 Blood: A Preview of the Open Beta – IGN