In The Ascent, you play as an ‘indent’, a dogsbody whose life is dedicated entirely to unquestioning servitude. Your home is the arcology, a vertiginous tower that completely blots out the sky, so colossal and all-pervading are its massive pipes, jet-black structures dotted with lights, and rat’s nests of cables that coil around it. It’s a grim, hopeless place, gripped by rampant violence and seeming poverty, its inhabitants all simply striving to eke out an existence, while the unscrupulous Ascent Group look down from on high. It’s a classic sci-fi setup the rich corporate few live a life of luxury amid the clouds and fresh air, while the impoverished many suffer down in the mud and blood of the ‘deepStink’. There is literally a place in The Ascent named exactly that, and it’s every bit the grime-encrusted sewer you’d expect it to be.

Source: N4G PC The Ascent Review – XboxAchievements