From GameWatcher: “Explosive, fast-paced action games are part of Polish developer Flying Wild Hog’s DNA. This claim was repeated a number of times during a hands-off preview for upcoming sci-fi action-RPG Space Punks that we recently attended, but anyone who might doubt it need only look at titles like Shadow Warrior or Hard Reset from the studio’s past.

Space Punks itself continues down a similar road, but not without changing up some things and marking two notable first occasions. On the one hand, it’s Flying Wild Hog’s first venture into free-to-play territory. On the other, it’s the first game released by Jagex Partners, the Runescape dev’s third-party publishing program focused on live service-style games.”

Source: N4G PC Space Punks Hands-Off Preview – Free-to-Play Looting and Shooting Across the Stars – GW