VGChartz’s Paul Broussard: “So in the end, how good is Scarlet Nexus? Despite its shortcomings, its a game that I wanted to play through until the end… of one of the routes, and eventually slog through the second. If youre a fan of combat games with some RPG elements, this is probably a solid bet. Theres enough that Scarlet Nexus does right to make it appealing for fans of the genre, and even if its failings are frustrating, I can appreciate it as a game that tries new things and attempts to set itself apart.

I can confidently say that Scarlet Nexus is, overall, a good experience, thanks to some interesting combat design and well thought out characters, although its limited gameplay reach and muddled story mean that its hard for me to praise it beyond that.”

Source: N4G PC Scarlet Nexus (PC) Review | VGChartz