CCG writes – “MotoGP 21 takes you through the 2021 motorcycle racing calendar, called, curiously enough, the MotoGP. The MotoGP, Moto2, and Moto3 classes are all included, along with some minor ones like Moto Rookies. Each actual real-life racer from each class for the 2021 season are included, along with their simulated real-world bikes, which ends up being more than 120 total. There are also 20 tracks, which is again the same as the official MotoGP season. These are located all around the world from the USA to Europe to South America to Australia, and much in between. Only Sub-Saharan Africa (and of course Antarctica) are not represented. Most major racing bike companies (presumably all used by actual racers) are also present.”

Source: N4G PC MotoGP 21 review – ChristCenteredGamer