Jason says, “I needed this. I needed a core JRPG to spice up the variety of games Ive been playing for the past eight months since relaunching my channel. On most of those expectations, Scarlet Nexus delivers, but in others, it sticks too hard to tradition and misses. Its still very linear, and very dialogue heavy, yet its combat is satisfying to master because its hard to pick up. Its a bit short for a JRPG, but wastes no time with grinding or equipment management, yet still offers completionists a reason to keep going. Its better-looking than most JRPGs, but it was built for last gen and comes with all those shortcomings. But it does masterfully give me character development across a large cast and a story about a fictitious world that makes me care. Quintessentially, its a balancing act.”

Full review contains breakdown of gameplay, content, and presentation.

Source: N4G PC A Core JRPG to Spice Up The Variety – Scarlet Nexus Review | Zyro-EG