From Eurogamer: “But Minute of Islands can’t commit to one or the other – it’s a game of roughly 6 hours that neither has a real story nor any significant gameplay idea. For a game that comes with a trigger warning, it closes out without having said much of anything, uncomfortable or otherwise. When I’m done, all these questions that I was excited to find the answer to are barely touched upon, like the prologue to what feels like it should be a much bigger story. This is unfortunate, because I think the components are all there – a strong atmosphere aided by a fittingly spare soundtrack, beautiful visuals and a heroine who can’t just keep spending her life stuck in one place indefinitely, but her journey is short, often feels like a bad day at an undesirable job, and when I leave , I don’t feel very attached to anything I’ve just experienced, even though Minute of Islands promised me the shock and catharsis of unearthing deep, dark secrets.”

Source: N4G PC Minute of Islands review – intriguing puzzler hampered by simplistic gameplay – Eurogamer