During his annual State of the Industry speech, NMPA President & CEO David Israelite announced new enforcement actions being taken against rampant infringers in the gaming industry. Citing the enormous size of its user base over 42 million active daily he detailed the lengths Roblox has gone to avoid paying music creators who are a huge driver of its growth, as well as Robloxs enticement of children to unknowingly commit acts of piracy without protecting them by fully licensing its platform.

Israelite explained, Theyve made hundreds of millions of dollars by requiring users to pay every time they upload music onto the platform taking advantage of young peoples lack of understanding about copyright and then they take virtually no action to prevent repeat infringement or alert users to the risks they are taking.

Source: N4G PC NMPA Meeting Honors Taylor Swift, Announces New Industry Data & Actions Against Roblox & Twitch