From Eurogamer: “Packing up your bags and travelling across oceans to a new town, to embark on a new adventure with friends old and new; it’s sorely tempting to draw parallels between the story of solo developer Robert Tatnell and the game series his project most frequently draws comparisons to. Listening to the Stockholm-based British designer tell his tale, it’s almost as if he’s elected to live a real-life Animal Crossing these past few years.

“Around 12 years ago I worked at Lionhead in Guildford. Around that time, there was almost like a mini Swedish invasion. Then they all found the other Swedes who were living in Guilford, it was summertime and everyone’s partying. I made some of the best friends that I have in my life.”

Source: N4G PC "I want things a bit more cosy" – the humble origins of Hokko Life