Jason says, “If youre into old-school games like Legend of Kay, then Biomutant might still entertain you enough to justify its full price. And therein lies why Im coming to a conclusion that hurts me more than I want to admit: I can easily recognize that a lot of blood, sweat, and tears was put into this game in an attempt to harken back to what many consider the good ol days of gaming. The problem is that weve left those days behind for a reason, so a game that is really only hitting N64 level standards of gameplay quality doesnt cut it anymore. While I found ways to derive fun from it, a lot of it was a chore. What weve got here is a game that works yet struggles to modernize in almost every way, and it is with a heavy heart that, despite my respect for hard work and effort, I must score the game objectively and harshly against its full $60 price tag.”

See video for breakdown of gameplay, content, and presentation.

Source: N4G PC N64 Level Standards of Gameplay Quality – Biomutant Review | Zyro-EG