Since 1996, Capcom has been creating genre-defining horror games through their Resident Evil (Biohazard in Japan) franchise. The series has birthed 8 main title games, with multiple remakes of earlier titles and just as many spin-off games. It seems self-evident that Capcom can be considered the original survival horror creators.

The studio’s most recent title has just arrived as Resident Evil Village. Village is the 8th main title in the series, and it follows the protagonist Ethan Winters from the previous game. Village plonks him down in the titular village, and what comes next is a journey of epic proportions as he fights through werewolves, vampires, zombies, and even more horrors than he can count on his broken fingers.

While proceeding through the game, players might recognize many references to classic horror tropes teased in all four of the game’s main bosses. This article seeks to identify the numerous references to different films, books, and other media presented w…

Source: N4G PC Resident Evil Village: A Crossroads of Everything Horror?