[Update: KeyWe‘s summer launch window has been narrowed down to August 31, 2021.]

I’m always on the lookout for charming co-op adventures, and for a while, I’ve had my eye on KeyWe, a puzzle-platformer about two bumbling birds who must somehow work in sync to run a postal office.

KeyWe was announced as a PC game — far from my preferred co-op platform — but the launch plans have grown more ambitious than just Steam. With an assist from Sold Out, developer Stonewheat & Sons will also release KeyWe on Nintendo Switch (yay!), PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

The release date trailer shows the chaotic nature of kiwis zipping around to deliver mail, label shipments, and send messages one button-hop at a time. It’s a neat premise in and of itself, but the creative and super-detail-packed environmental work seals the deal for me. I can already tell I’m going to need to customize the look of my bird to be as disgustingly bright and noticeable as possible.

As for multiplayer options, the game has online and local support, so you should be covered. I have a spot reserved in my mind for “the next co-op game I’ve gotta play,” and right now, KeyWe is it.

KeyWe, a kiwi mailroom game built for co-op, is out August 31 screenshot

Source: Destructoid KeyWe, a kiwi mailroom game built for co-op, is out August 31