“You’re too slow!” Wait, I’m right on time!

In just 30 minutes we’ll see what the future of Sonic the Hedgehog entails. The official teaser for what Sega calls “Sonic Central” involves: “upcoming projects, partnerships, and events.” The occasion is Sonic’s 30th anniversary, so hopefully the publisher has something interesting up its sleeve.

The unveiling of a Sonic Colors re-release project is undeniably in the cards, as well as a potentially new Sonic game altogether, on top of whatever other merch Sega is going to peddle us. Maybe we’ll see footage of the new Sonic Prime Netflix show? Or a film teaser? Sonic is wrapped up in all sorts of cross-media projects these days, so anything is possible.

You can catch the stream here on YouTube or here on Twitch. We’ll embed it once it’s live (Sega seemingly hasn’t figured out the whole “scheduled video” thing).

It's time to watch what I am basically just calling the 'Sonic Direct' screenshot

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Source: Destructoid It’s time to watch what I am basically just calling the ‘Sonic Direct’