Supermassive Games is finishing up the third horror-adventure game in The Dark Pictures Anthology this year, and while I was a little late to Man of Medan, I’m hooked now. I want to play all of these games right when they come out, even if they can’t quite live up to the fan-favorite legacy of Until Dawn.

From a ghost ship labyrinth in Man of Medan to a foggy witch town fever dream in Little Hope, there’s always something out there slinking around in this spooky character-choice-driven series. In the next standalone chapter, House of Ashes, we’ll be stalked by an “inhuman enemy threat” in a buried temple.

Surprisingly, the game is set in Iraq in 2003 — the United States is looking for chemical weapons, and this can only end badly. But while the conflict rages above ground, something ancient stirs below.

House of Ashes is a descent into madness with a 'very real' threat stalking you underground screenshot

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Source: Destructoid House of Ashes is a descent into madness with a ‘very real’ threat stalking you underground