You might remember, back in the fall of 2020, we sent word of a sexy-looking street scrapper, Mayhem Brawler, in the works at indie outfit Hero Concept. Well, the comic-book style brawler has a release date, and will bring its titular mayhem to PS4, Xbox One, PC, iiRCADE, and Nintendo Switch August 18.

Set in a self-styled “urban fantasy”, Mayhem Brawler sees a city that has spiraled wildly out-of-control, with its avenues and alleyways dominated by a super megacorp and its army of mutated minions. While the thugs roaming the streets are trouble enough, things get really out of hand once you throw werewolves, wizards, vampires, and other fantasy creatures into the mix. Fucking wizards, I tell ya.

Into this burned-out berg stride three agents of the Stronghold enforcement division, for whom a routine investigation is about to become a real bad day. While they may be hopelessly outnumbered, our protagonists Star, Dolphin, and Trouble are loaded for bear with amazing martial-arts abilities and super-powered special moves, redressing the balance somewhat against the horde of bad dudes that stand in their way… Including the wizards. Again, Do Not Forget the Wizards.

Mayhem Brawler will bring its knuckle-dustin' Streets of Rage 4 vibe this August screenshot

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Source: Destructoid Mayhem Brawler will bring its knuckle-dustin’ Streets of Rage 4 vibe this August