As much as it is typified by its wild fashions, awesome artwork and litany of fairweather players, Guilty Gear Strive is known for its relentless, teeth-gnashing soundtrack. A vertiable melody of metal and mayhem combined, GG‘s guitar-squealing riffs and sub-Mike Patton wailing has become as iconic to the brand as anybody on its colorful roster of characters.

Guilty Gear Strive is apparently no exception, with each and every one of the starting roster’s 15 characters being blessed with their own bespoke theme song. Dramatic to the point of operatic, and packing more adrenaline than Eric Stoltz in a dirty bathrobe, the GG Strive soundtrack looks to be the series’ most ambitious to date, and will hopefully help each and every fight feel like a world-ending battle for the ages.

Get a taste of Guilty Gear Strive's Absolute Bangers, fellow kids screenshot

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Source: Destructoid Get a taste of Guilty Gear Strive’s Absolute Bangers, fellow kids