You all know me… know how I earn a living. I’ll review Maneater for you. But it ain’t gonna be easy. Switch port. Not like booting up the PC to go down to Resident Evil Village. This port report embargo… swallow your weekend… a little eyestrain, a little finger cramp, and down you go.

I’m gonna keep it quick, that’ll bring back the players, put all your eShop customers on a paying basis. But it’s not gonna be pleasant. I value free time more than your gaming Twitter clout, Chief. I’ll check out your Switch port. I’ll install it for 3,000 clicks, but I’ll play it — and review it — for 10. Carter got no volunteers, and I’ve got no mates. But you gotta make up your minds: 10,000 clicks… For me, by myself.

For that you get the screencaps… the summary… The Whole Damn Thing.

Maneater on Switch isn't quite jawsome, but is worth a bite if it's your only option screenshot

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Source: Destructoid Maneater on Switch isn’t quite jawsome, but is worth a bite if it’s your only option