[Destructoid user Kerrik52 is coming in hard and fast with an incredibly detailed blog covering their thoughts on the entirety of the beloved Tales series of games. The absolute mad man wrote over 9,300 words here, highlighting each game with its own dedicated section. Whether you’ve only played a single game in the franchise or every single entry, there’s likely something here for you. Just be aware, there are a few spoilers below

Personally, my favorite entries were probably Vesperia, Xillia, and Symphonia. They’re not exactly groundbreaking or genre-defining, but they’re wonderful “comfort food” games. It’s easy to get lost in their worlds and watch the hours melt away. I love that about them!

Do you have a favorite entry in the series? Is Symphonia kind of overrated but still pretty dang good overall? Do you think Kerrik is right or wrong about some absurdly minuscule detail that is completely open to interpretation? Feel free to head on down to the comments and let us know! – Kevin]

During my formative years, when I was exploring what kinds of games I like, I spent a lot of time trying out loads of different JRPGs, particularly Atlus’ games. But, while I did try out some Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest stuff, one series that felt like a giant unknown to me was Namco Bandai’s Tales series.

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