Shadow Warrior 3 knows what its audience wants. Apart from those rare occasions when the marketing focuses on amazing-looking, psychotic, demon women, Devolver Digital mostly directs all attention to the sequel’s huge arsenal of ground-shaking weaponry.

This latest trailer is no exception, featuring a little over 90 seconds of explosive action featuring a wild range of pistols, automatic weapons, and heavy artillery — not to mention some pretty brutal melee weaponry for when things get up-close-and-personal. From the fast-firing six shooter “Outlaw”, to the dual-wielding SMGs “Sidekicks” and the land-leveling power of the “Crimson Bull”, Shadow Warrior 3 has the tools necessary to get the job done. Upgrades too? Give the bad guys a chance, man.

Shadow Warrior 3's newest trailer is all about the firepower screenshot

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Source: Destructoid Shadow Warrior 3’s newest trailer is all about the firepower