I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my 2.5 playthroughs (and counting) of Resident Evil Village. But while the main story is a blast to roll through, I’ve been having a much less consistent time with The Mercenaries.

It could be worse. It absolutely could be. Capcom could’ve packed in the throwaway PvP spin-off Re:Verse and called it a day. (No joke, I forgot Re:Verse existed until I spotted it in my PS5 library last weekend.) Instead, we also have The Mercenaries — even if it doesn’t quite feel like “Mercenaries.”

I’m not sure how the rest of you are faring in this score-chasing arcade gauntlet (or if you’ve only scratched the surface so far), but I thought I’d share my quick take and we could commiserate.

I’ll say this much: as someone who recently went through all of Resident Evil 4 again in the lead-up to Village, including taking the time to earn those five-star ranks with every character in The Mercenaries to unlock the Handcannon, this new version of the mode falls way short of its potential. It’s less that it’s structured differently — which is fine! — and more that it’s just too dang picky for its own good.

Resident Evil Village's Mercenaries is way too picky, but I keep playing anyway screenshot

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Source: Destructoid Resident Evil Village’s Mercenaries is way too picky, but I keep playing anyway