Deathloop always starts back at the beginning. Colt, struck with amnesia, wakes up on a beach with one heck of a hangover and the revelation that time, on this island, is looping. He has a simple objective: to hunt down the Visionaries spread around Blackreef and kill them all in a day, closing the loop in the process. 

He can wield handguns, nail guns, shotguns, a machete, and a handheld hacking device, all in the name of taking out Blackreef’s partygoers and scholars, but there is one problem larger than the legion of Eternalists between him and his targets: Julianna Blake. She’s armed, and she has one goal: stop Colt from ending the loop.

I recently attended a preview session for Deathloop, where we got to see a slice of hands-off gameplay of the time-looping adventure. Across the preview, we saw a few different options for Colt: means of approach, ways of playing, and methods with which to dispatch the various Visionaries. And it looks pretty dang good.

Deathloop preview: Arkane's greatest hits with an asymmetrical twist screenshot

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Source: Destructoid Deathloop preview: Arkane’s greatest hits with an asymmetrical twist