Damn, it feels good to be back on the Normandy. 

Booting up the Mass Effect Legendary Edition for the first time last week, I was hit with waves of emotions. Dueling swathes of nostalgia and newfound wonder at seeing this, all this, in a single package slammed me over the head. I’ve played through the whole trilogy a couple times, and through the first game the most; yet booting it up here, in 2021, in the Legendary Edition, I couldn’t help but feel a little warm about jetting off in the Normandy once again.

I’m currently playing my way through the trilogy, and we’ll be looking to do a more holistic review once I’ve seen the whole thing start-to-finish, as it’s clear there are some changes littered throughout the saga. It’s worth checking in now though, after I’ve seen credits roll in roughly 25 hours of the first Mass Effect, to see what the Legendary Edition is up to thus far. It’s important to note that this is a remaster—so while the gameplay has been tuned and even some content adjusted, this is not a remake on the scale of Resident Evil 2 or Final Fantasy VII.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition smooths out the first game, but it's still ME1 screenshot

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Source: Destructoid Mass Effect Legendary Edition smooths out the first game, but it’s still ME1