Somehow, Path of Exile is simultaneously in its best and worst state. Every league, it just gets more bloated as Grinding Gear Games (GGG) adds previous league mechanics into the “core” game. As someone who has played in a pretty serious capacity the last handful of leagues, I enjoy the new challenges and additions as I come up with zanier and zanier build ideas.

But the new player experience is at an all-time low. I cannot seriously recommend people to just jump into Path of Exile today and enjoy what’s there. I’d recommend spending hours and hours performing some research first, and probably DMing me, and then tempering expectations before jumping into Wraeclast. As a result, this review will mostly be catered to those who have a decent understanding of the game, and ideally a conversation piece for others to share their opinions.

Review: Path of Exile: Ultimatum screenshot

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Source: Destructoid Review: Path of Exile: Ultimatum