Jason says, “Im a little disappointed that I watched the credits roll in less than 10 hours. Now, before you argue quality over quantity, RE4 (which is often regarded as the best in the series) clocked in at 16 hours for me, and this game was supposedly heavily influenced by it. I even stopped and smelled the roses when I could, watching Lady D chase me slowly but surely in all her glory. They also added Mercenaries mode back, but unless you really like the shooting, thats all this mode is. And per above, since I felt the aiming and shooting had a bit of irregular weight to it, the Mercenaries mode will appeal to some and not others. I cant deny I have to ding the games length of adventure and amount of content on show, here, mostly because the bar was set much higher by RE4.”

Source: N4G PC The Bar Was Set Much Higher by RE4 – Resident Evil Village Review | Zyro-EG