Sega has released its latest financial earnings report, and among the facts and figures pertaining to the legendary publisher’s fiscal year, lies a mysterious tease for a brand new project set to launch at some point this generation.

As spotted by VGC, Sega is working on a five-year strategy for the creation of a “Super Game”, expected to launch within the same time-frame. Now, before anyone gets excited for Monkey Balls or Virtua Fighters, Sega has noted that the title features a brand new IP, and will be sold on the international market. The report reads that Sega has a lot of faith in the long-term growth of the Super Game, despite it being an unknown franchise.

Sega has an ambitious 'Super Game' planned for release in the next few years screenshot

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Source: Destructoid Sega has an ambitious ‘Super Game’ planned for release in the next few years