I’m not really sure of the demographic crossover of vampiric society queens and energy-drink-guzzling esports types but, never one to miss a marketing opportunity, Capcom has collaborated with G Fuel to produce a brand new flavor based on Lady Dimitrescu, one of the popular antagonists from the recently released Resident Evil Village.

Titled “Maiden’s Blood”, the powered hell comes in a container not quite as tall as the good lady herself, along with a 24oz shaker cup which will make you the coolest person at the gym. Honest. Packed with vitamins and supplements to increase focus, endurance, and reaction, G Fuel hopes that Dimitrescu’s horrifying elixir will help consumers reach new heights. But not 9’6″.  What does “MAIDEN’S BLOOD” *thunder clap* taste like? Melon. Fucking melon.

Scheduled to launch in July 2021, interested parties can jump on a waiting list right now over on the official G Fuel website. I’ll definitely be downing the stuff while I go about my slavish tasks for the lady herself, including sweeping her floors, polishing her shoes, getting the bloodstains out of her dress, responding to her emails, and sorting her recycling.

It’s a living. Besides, Daniela is surprisingly good at Crossfire.

Resident Evil Village's Lady Dimitrescu to receive her own flavor of G Fuel screenshot

Source: Destructoid Resident Evil Village’s Lady Dimitrescu to receive her own flavor of G Fuel