It’s still a bit jarring that there has been two decades between Pokémon Snap games. The first was a highlight in any Nintendo 64 collection; it was a quick, fast, instantly understandable game. Hop in a buggy, roll through the wilds of the Pokémon world, and photograph as much ambient Pokémon wildlife as you can, then laugh as Professor Oak throws your photos in the trash.

New Pokémon Snap feels both old and new. There are new sights to see, new Pokémon to photograph, and new tools to encourage Pokémon into more interesting reactions or interactions. The graphics and effects are obviously much nicer, and there is more happening on-screen than the N64 could’ve handled.

Yet it’s still the same old Pokémon Snap. It is an on-rails photography experience that encourages multiple attempts and determination to nail shot after shot. I still spent a fair amount of time just tuning in the right trajectories to lob app- excuse me, “Fluffruit” at wild Pokémon. I’d take a shot I swore was gorgeous enough to hang in the Poke-MoMA, and the professor would say the subject wasn’t centered or large enough and give me a paltry bronze rating.

Same as it ever was, New Pokémon Snap is still a Snap game. It’s also a very good one.

Review: New Pokemon Snap screenshot

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Source: Destructoid Review: New Pokemon Snap