It’s tough being a member of melodramatic counter-terrorist strike team Rainbow. One moment your saving hostages and Fuzing your own teammates, the next you are literally the last hope for the continued survival of all mankind. At least that’s what’s Rainbow Six Siege fans are being led to believe in the multiplayer shooter’s brand new event: Apocalypse.

Kicking off today and running through May 18, Apocalypse is a limited-time event that sees a handful of Team Rainbow’s operators tasked with protecting the last bastion of life after some dreadful, ungodly war. The new mode sees a team of Defenders — comprised of Maestro, Melusi, Rook, Smoke, and Valkyrie — protecting Earth’s last living plant from a team of Attackers, consisting of Fuze, Gridlock, Maverick, Nomad, and Twitch.

Rainbow Six Siege brings about the apocalypse in today's new event screenshot

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Source: Destructoid Rainbow Six Siege brings about the apocalypse in today’s new event