CCG writes – “In Insurmountable it is the goal of the player to scale 3 different mountains on an island that mysteriously just appeared out of nowhere. To start the game, there are a few choices that need to be made. The first choice is class, then once that is chosen the second choice is difficulty, and then lastly the choice of a benefit of terrain combined with some negatives for the path chosen. Once those choices are made, the player finds themselves at the bottom of a mountain. It is the player’s job to successfully make their way up the mountain to the peak and then back down to a safe location before attempting the second mountain. At its core, Insurmountable is a resource management game. To make it to the top the player must make decisions that will boost a resource or possibly cause a loss of some. The ultimate goal is to make it through all 3 mountains without succumbing to the elements and dying.”

Source: N4G PC Insurmountable review – ChristCenteredGamer