The sequel to the award-winning Subnautica, Below Zero plunges even the bravest of explorers into an underwater world, filled with all-new and vast biomes to explore, and mysterious and unfamiliar creatures lurking in the depths of the planet. As you continue to investigate the mysterious circumstances that brought you planetside, youll be challenged to survive in the harsh, arctic conditions, as well as avoid the looming threat of discovery by Alterra, who have all but abandoned 4546B in their haste to evacuate.

With all of the new tools and vehicles to craft, and lovingly crafted biomes to marvel at, Below Zero provides a unique spin on the familiar setting of Subnauticas unforgiving planet. Players can look forward to added cold mechanics to explore, creatures great and small to discover and, in some cases, avoid and far, far more about the lore of the Subnautica universe to uncover.

Source: N4G PC All-new Subnautica: Below Zero gameplay revealed in State of Play