Cozmo writes: This week at Bungie, we set the starting line.

Season of the Chosen is starting to wind down and we are preparing to transition into Season of [Redacted]. While things are winding down, many of you are still on the path to finishing your Seasonal Challenges. While some activities have come and gone, theres still ample time for you to complete Challenges that require longer time commitments. Nightfalls have double rewards this week for those on the hunt for sweet Legendary rolls. Next week, double Infamy will help many of you finish up the In it for Infamy Challenge. Guardians can now complete the final Seasonal Challenge week. As part of Bungie Rewards, you can redeem the free Thrill of the Chase emblem as you complete the Master of All Triumph.

Source: N4G PC This Week At Bungie 4/29/2021