Show of hands: who here thought World of Demons was quietly canceled months ago?

I know I did. When it was announced in 2018, I was really looking forward to seeing what PlatinumGames could do with mobile gaming given it’s behind the best action titles I’ve ever played. Shortly following that announcement, the game had a soft release in a few countries, but was pulled from mobile shops by September of that year. From then, it was basically radio silence on the project. No new info, no new trailers; as the months and years passed and the mobile ecosystem evolved, the title quietly drifted from my mind. And just when I had forgotten about it completely, it shows up out of the blue on Apple Arcade.

Clearly, the lesson we should all learn with PlatinumGames is to have a little patience, because sometimes, it pays off.

Review: World of Demons screenshot

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Source: Destructoid Review: World of Demons