You know it’s going to be a slow week when Nintendo touts Immortal: Fenyx Rising DLC as not only the marquee Nintendo Download option of the week, but the only headliner.

We’ve all been through those days on the 3DS and Wii U, but the Switch typically has something flashy to offer every week. I mean, see for yourself and read the near-decade eShop weekly posts I have logged here. Sadly, Shantae, despite being re-released several times, didn’t even get the respect of a top spot.

But I’m changing that! The original Shantae is out on the Switch natively this week without any Virtual Console shenanigans, as is Picross S6: those games will never go out of style. Oh, and all of the stuff below.

Nintendo Download: Shantae screenshot

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Source: Destructoid Nintendo Download: Shantae