Somehow, Season 4 of Fall Guys has already been out for a month. That whole time, I’ve been meaning to check in — the futuristic low-gravity levels looked fun — but I kept pushing it off. After adoring Season 1, bouncing off of Season 2, and missing most of Season 3, it wasn’t that hard to procrastinate.

On a whim, curiosity got the better of me and I spent a couple of hours with Season 4 today.

The lobby for Fall Guys Season 4.Challenges? Huh? If you haven’t peeked at Fall Guys in a while, you might have questions.

You know you’ve been on a real break when a once-familiar main menu suddenly feels overwhelming.

As much as I like the new stages and variations on the original obstacle courses, the biggest surprise to me is just how much I enjoy Squads mode. It has single-handedly renewed my interest in (trying to) keep up with Fall Guys again, which is funny, because it wasn’t even a blip on my radar until now.

I think I had it in my head that Squads would only be good with a full crew of friends to back you up. That’s surely the ideal way to go, but at least for me, as a solo-queue player, I’m having a blast.

I was tired of Fall Guys, but Squads mode pulled me back in and I'm hooked again screenshot

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Source: Destructoid I was tired of Fall Guys, but Squads mode pulled me back in and I’m hooked again