The year is 2011, and the haunting, distant sounds of the Aperture facility are reverberating through our unfinished basement. My brother’s at basketball practice, I have free reign of the Xbox. I’ve spent the past half hour trying to solve this puzzle, but I’m not getting up until I solve it. “Hello, who’s there?” the turrets chirp at me.

They always kind of creeped me out, but I push it aside and… aha! I climb up to the tallest platform in the room, throw myself off with reckless abandon, and land my portal at the last second. Now I’m hurtling through the air, and land gracefully in front of the exit. I pump my fist, celebrating my victory, and feeling like the smartest kid in the world.

Happy ten year anniversary, Portal 2 screenshot

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Source: Destructoid Happy ten year anniversary, Portal 2