Capcom has announced that it has completed an in-depth investigation into a major breach of security that befell the publisher in November 2020, which led to the theft of hundreds of thousands of pieces of data pertaining to the developer, its employees, and customers.

In a detailed and forthright update regarding the investigation’s findings, Capcom announced that it believes some 350,000 items of personal data were stolen or should be considered “at-risk” in the attack. This includes the addresses, contact details – and in some cases passport numbers – of many of Capcom’s current and former employees, as well as its shareholders.

The Japanese division of Capcom is believed the hardest hit in regard to sensitive information loss, with sales reports and other financial information pertinent to the company confirmed stolen. However, despite this enormous data breach, Capcom remains confident that none of the compromised data contains the credit card information of its customers.

Capcom completes investigation into 2020 hack, states users' credit card info is safe screenshot

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Source: Destructoid Capcom completes investigation into 2020 hack, states users’ credit card info is safe