After revisiting A Way Out a few months ago and just wrapping up It Takes Two over the weekend — it was surprisingly long! — it’s been tough to muster my usual enthusiasm for other co-op games.

I love teaming up with my girlfriend whenever and wherever our gaming interests intersect, and I know we still have countless hours left on our Year 3 farm in Stardew Valley, which will continue to be our go-to “unwinding” game for the near future. (We still have a few super-expensive purchases left, including two of the four warp obelisks and the Gold Clock, and I guess we’re really going for perfection?) Once we’ve tapped out, I’ll be back on my weekend routine of looking for something new for us to play.

A lot of the time, after flipping through stores on multiple platforms and searching in vain for Reddit recommendations, I draw a blank. “This game would be fun… but it’s online-only.” “That one looks cool, but it’s not out for a couple more months.” “I don’t know when Pikmin 4 or Overcooked 3 are happening.”

We either resort to digging out a known favorite (again!) or take a chance on something iffy that one of us probably won’t like all that much — or we just do our own thing. It’s a sentiment that I think a lot of couples and families can relate to. And while I’ll often settle for okay games with reasonably decent co-op modes, I would be thrilled to see more games that follow Hazelight’s “co-op only” prime directive.

I hope Hazelight keeps making co-op games forever screenshot

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Source: Destructoid I hope Hazelight keeps making co-op games forever