I love Moai. It’s an interesting aesthetic; huge, monolithic humans with warped proportions. But do you know who loves Moai more? Japanese video game developers. They show up as bosses and in the background all the time in a wide variety of games such as Atlantis no Nazo, Rainbow Islands, and StarTropics. Even more so, Konami seemed to be crazy about the stone statues. They were a staple in their games, even appearing in Castlevania as a bonus item.

The heavy-browed monoliths would often alternate between antagonist and protagonist roles. They were a mainstay baddie in the Gradius series, while Konami Wai Wai World featured a Moai as one of its playable protagonists even though it had yet to feature in a title of its own. But the Moai would finally get the spotlight in Moai-Kun, a side-scrolling puzzle game found only on the Famicom.

Uncover the block moving secrets of the Rapa Nui in Konami's Moai-Kun screenshot

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Source: Destructoid Uncover the block moving secrets of the Rapa Nui in Konami’s Moai-Kun