From Xfire: “Mass Effect Legendary Edition boasts almost all of the original DLC for all three games, meaning all of the extra companions will be joining Shepard on their mission to save the galaxy from the threat of the Reapers. Like all BioWare titles, the Mass Effect games became famous throughout the gaming world for their loveable (and sometimes unlovable) squad members.

This colorful, misfit bunch of robots, aliens, mercenaries, soldiers, assassins, thieves, vigilantes and others stick with Shepard through the thick of the war and bring life and drama to the cold vacuum of space. Every fan has their own list of favorites, and no doubt many of you are eager to revisit your virtual friendships and relationships with the various companions spanning the three games.”

Source: N4G PC Top 10 Mass Effect Squad Members We Can't Wait To Reunite With In Legendary Edition