It started with a tweet, and then another tweet, and now here I am, telling you to watch an off-the-rails trailer for a trashy Steam Early Access game called Together BnB that has “mostly negative” reviews.

The game’s plot — surprisingly, there’s a plot! — revolves around the newly-established manager of a bed and breakfast, James, and his brother, who owns the joint, but has vanished. In the meantime, James “has to assist the beautiful tenants of the BnB, satisfy them, and help them achieve their goals.”

With that setup in mind, please enjoy this batshit trailer in which James drives up a mountain road, unloads his gun on a wolf (?), fires at his kitchen (??), and then shoots some late-night hoops (???).

“This trailer looks like it’s showing me the daily routine of a psychopath and I cannot tell if it’s intentional or not,” wrote one spot-on YouTube commenter.

“Kojima’s new project looks like an absolute banger,” joked another.

This is one of the strangest trailers I’ve seen in forever. Happy Friday, everyone.

I wasn't ready for this off-the-rails video game trailer, and you won't be either screenshot

Source: Destructoid I wasn’t ready for this off-the-rails video game trailer, and you won’t be either