You wait three seasons for Juri to get some decent clobber, and then an entire wardrobe comes along at once. Yes, in addition to the great, contest-winning outfits that dropped just last month, Street Fighter‘s spider-lovin’ assassin is now getting her Kill Bill on as part of a pack of “Professional” DLC skins headed to Capcom’s foremost fighting title.

As revealed during this week’s “Street Fighter V Spring Update,” Juri, Vega (or “Claw” for all you pedants), and Seth will each receive new gear representative of the workforce. Juri is rocking a nurse’s outfit with just more than a passing resemblance to Elle Driver, the deadly assassin played by Daryl Hannah in Tarantino’s 2003 slash-fest. Of course, this outfit also recalls Skullgirls‘ own nefarious nurse, Valentine, so I better name-check her too, lest I get “ACKSHUALLYD” in the comments.

Street Fighter V's 'professional' costume DLC sees Juri channel her inner Daryl Hannah screenshot

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Source: Destructoid Street Fighter V’s ‘professional’ costume DLC sees Juri channel her inner Daryl Hannah