From PS Blog: “Curse of the Dead Gods released on PlayStation 4 last month, and all of us here at Passtech Games have been glued to our screens watching all your amazing footage, feedback, and reactions. As thankful as we are for the response, were equally excited to show you new things. Today, were doing a deep dive into how we crafted the Curse of the Dead Cells Update, a collaboration between us and Dead Cells developers, Motion Twin and Evil Empire.

Death in Curse is the gift that keeps on giving, and in this new update, were excited to deliver new ways for you to reach your unique fate. To that end, weve added new weapons, originally from Dead Cells, the Cursed Chest, and the Prisoners head skin for McCallister, Curse of the Dead Gods main character. ”

Source: N4G PC Curse of the Dead Gods welcomes Dead Cells into its Temple