What an amazing feet. It has been revealed that the global Guilty Gear community has fallen head over heels for Ramlethal Valentine, the beautiful, war-mongering diva of Arc System Works’ luscious fighting game franchise. The revelation of Ram’s popularity came as part of an update on GG Strive‘s development process, ahead of the game’s official release on PlayStation and PC June 11.

The newest developer diary sees GG Strive director Akira Katano address stats and feedback taken from the anime fighter’s February beta test, which afforded players the opportunity to throw down in nail-biting head-to-head gameplay. ArcSys’ then asked said players to contact the developer with their thoughts on the beta, which they did in droves. And it seems, for the most part, that everyone’s experience was mostly positive. Responding to the wave of feedback, Katano notes that while some of the issues raised will be addressed before launch, others are simply part of GG Strive‘s intended design, and will be left relatively untouched.

The whole world has fallen in love with Guilty Gear Strive's Ramlethal Valentine screenshot

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Source: Destructoid The whole world has fallen in love with Guilty Gear Strive’s Ramlethal Valentine