I may have accidentally gotten back into collecting Super Nintendo games. Yeah, let’s go with “may.”

As many of you have no doubt experienced first-hand, it’s been an expensive time for collectors from all walks of life. For anyone looking to lighten their loads, there’s an opportunity to strategically cash out, especially when it comes to even vaguely “rare” games, trading cards, and other nostalgia-inducers.

For some buyers – those unfortunate souls who lack enough patience to wait for prices to maybe one day settle into something approaching normal times – it’s been a trip. I don’t know why my brain decided I should rekindle my SNES love all of a sudden, but it did, and I’m trying not to overdo it.

Recently, that meant a few nights of impulse buying spread across eBay – yeah, eBay! I haven’t used it in over a decade! – and a trusted local game store with accurate online listings and high-quality photos.

For now, I’ve been focusing on the carts I never personally had as a kid – within reason. So, more along the lines of repeat rentals, games I enjoyed at friends’ houses, and cool stuff I read about in magazines, not so much “obscure gems people overlooked in the ’90s that are now obscenely expensive.”

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Source: Destructoid When’s the last time you splurged on games?