Bloober Team – the horror-loving studio behind titles such as Observer and The Medium – as backed away from acquisition talks from various potential buyers. The Polish studio had been looking into merging or selling to a larger conglomerate, but has decided its best option is to remain relatively independent for now.

The news came in a report by Polish outlet Bankier, (as translated by VGC), where Bloober said it is more likely to try and work in cooperation with other companies, rather than be purchased or merged outright with them. Bloober believes that such a merger might jeopardize the studio’s “strategic objectives” going forward.

“The company has decided not to continue discussions with potential financial and industry investors interested in acquiring a majority stake due to the high risk of losing its overriding strategic objectives,” read the Banker statement. “At this stage it would be incompatible with the culture of the organization, and would significantly limit the potential growth of the company’s value in the coming years, especially taking into account the projects implemented and planned.”

The Medium's Bloober Team steps away from 'incompatible' acquisition talks screenshot

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Source: Destructoid The Medium’s Bloober Team steps away from ‘incompatible’ acquisition talks