Disco Elysium opens with you on the floor. Your character, whoever they are or whatever might be left of them, is face-down in a nondescript hotel room. You are surfacing, breaching the plane between the void and the living only to find yourself harboring the grand-daddy of all hangovers.

This is the introduction to the character you’ll inhabit through Disco Elysium. They are many things, and can become even more: calculating, feeling, thinking, judging, determined or remorseful. But in this moment, you are at a low, possibly the lowest of low.

Moments later, you can die trying to get your tie off the ceiling fan. The headline reads “Cop Suffers Final Heart Attack,” and boy, does the word “Final” do a lot of work.

It's okay to fail in Disco Elysium screenshot

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Source: Destructoid It’s okay to fail in Disco Elysium