Whether it’s a game I’ve played for five minutes or five-hundred hours, I always love hearing about no-brainer tips that are easily overlooked – the kind that are small but impactful over time, and make you do a double-take for failing to notice them. For my fellow Stardew Valley fanatics, here’s a big one.

You know how you need to greet/pet your farmyard animals each day to get a little heart and grow your bond so they produce the highest-quality goods? Well, for many of us – especially those of us with more goats, chickens, cows, and pigs than we probably need – the morning ritual can be fussy. The animals can get all bunched-up in close quarters, and it’s a little pesky to greet them once (and only once!) so that you don’t accidentally bring up their friendship rating menu when you tend to them.

I have painstakingly greeted my animals one by one throughout my hundreds of hours in Stardew Valley. As it turns out, you can just hold the “pet/interact” button and run up to them – it’ll work perfectly. You’ll get friendship points with every animal and you won’t pull up the dreaded menu.

Here’s a demonstration of the trick on PC from Reddit user Boiled_potato8:

Took me ages to realize you could just click and hold the mouse to pet all of the animals from r/StardewValley

How did I not know about this? I could’ve been more efficient this whole dang time!

My girlfriend mentioned the pro tip in passing – we aren’t sure where she saw it – but it blew my mind. And now that I’ve looked around, it’s definitely a common realization in the Stardew community.

After hundreds of hours of Stardew Valley, I just learned there's an easier way to greet animals screenshot

Source: Destructoid After hundreds of hours of Stardew Valley, I just learned there’s an easier way to greet animals